Are you thinking how to find a post office or a pharmacy?
Post offices are not separate offices as it is in many other countries – they rent spaces in supermarkets and pharmacies.
Pharmacies (apart from the obvious ones, such as Shoppers Drug Mart) can be found in almost each hiper- and supermarket. You need to be wary of pharmacies’ additional fees that are added to the price of a prescribed product. Not all additional insurances that you we usually have from work cover these fees (and it currently is some C$5-10). The lowest additional fee that I managed to find was in Costco and, what is important, you don’t need a Costco member card to be able to use their pharmacy.
Alcohol – you can buy it only in government stores or in hotels (apart from the QC and NL provinces) – that concerns strong alcohol and beer, wine can be bought in private wine shops. The minimum age for bying alocohol in Canada is 19 years (apart from AB, MB and QC provinces where it’s available from the age of 18).

Please see below a full list of Canadian stores, mainly chains. We will be updating this list. I upload photos of these shops on our Instagram profile. When you check prices in shops, remember these are net. You need to add a tax on top of these prices and this tax is different in each province.

Stores with new cheap products:

  • Dollar Tree (everything for C$1.25)
  • Dollarama (everything used to be for C$1 once, now some products cost up to C$4)

Stores with second-hand stuff:

Alcohol stores:

  • Liquor store (BC)
  • Liquor Mart (MB)
  • Liquor Depot (AB)
  • Real Canadian Liquor Store (AL)
  • LCBO (ON)
  • SLGA (SK)
  • Beer Store
  • Cold Beer



Grocery shops and else (2 in 1):

  • Giant Tiger (apart from food, they sell various other stuff, popular because of cheap clothes)
  • Shoppers (a pharmacy that is open to later hours and a grocery shop)
  • M&M Food Market (ready-made frozen products)

Construction stores:

New designer products (merchandise, outlet):

Everything BUT food products:

Electronics, white and brown goods, office supplies:

Computer stores:


Hunting stores:

Sports and outdoor stores:

Work shoes and clothes:

Furniture stores: